The Great Hall was built in 1320c, but you may not be aware that people have lived on the site for possibly thousands of years. Excavated in 1976 were a couple of Neolithic Axe Heads suggesting possible use as early as 2,500bc – The same period that saw the building of Stonehenge, Avebury Stone Circle and Silbury Hill.

What you probably aren’t aware of is that there are TWO scheduled ancient monuments around The Hall and Environs – The Hall itself and the now disappeared Baguley Barrow (which was criminally built over in the 1990’s and now lies, flattened, under someone’s back garden on Nethercote Avenue) I’d like to speak to the person who gave the go ahead for this and explain to them what a Scheduled Ancient Monument is!

Archaeologists suggested this may have been a Bronze Age Windmill or a burial chamber. It was Anglo Saxon tradition to build feasting halls around these ancient barrows so the Hall which occupied the site before the current structure may well have originated in the 6th or 7th centuries. Its not too far a leap to suggest that this barrow could be the original Tata’s Tun or settlement around a barrow which gave its name to the Tatton family of later generations.

So, current literature states that Baguley Hall is built on the site of a previous 11th or 12th century hall. It would appear that this hall itself was built on a much earlier hall and that on top of much earlier settlements going back 3-4,000 years


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