13th to 14th Centuries in Northern Bucklow (inc The Black Death)

Edw 2nd-3rdblack_death

). Sir Hamon de Massey, Lord of Backford & Tymperley. d.1349 – Descended from Robert de Massey of Sale, brother to Baron Hamon de Massey 3rd. The line of Robert de Massey of Sale follows with Robert, then Richard, then Sir Hamon de Massey of Backford & Tymperley. Sir Hamon (Hugh) of Tymperley held this Moiety by Grant of Hugh de Massey of Tatton (Edw 2nd) & was deemed an appendage of the Manor of Dunham. Sir Hamon of Tymperley could be confused with Baron Hamon de Massey V1 as both were alive at the same time. Both Moieties of Backford & Tymperley were held by the earliest Barons before passing to Robert de Massey.

1308-1309 Hamon de Mascy (The 6th Baron), to SETTLE the Manors of Dunham Massey, Bidstone, Saughall, Bateford-?(no such ancient place-spelling Backford), Kelsall on himself & the HEIRS MALE of his body, with remainder to Robert de Holand & his heirs, retaining the manors of Hale, Altringham, the sixth part of Partington and a house in Marton, Chester.

1310 Roger de Keneworthey ( ) Transfer of Estate Witness

1310 Adam de Northenden (Son of Hamon de Northenden Grant to Henry is brother
1313 Bond from Hamon de Kenewrthy of 40 shillings to William de Baggley for his Service & Allegiance to his Knights Liege. (Translator- Agra)

A Medieval Bond in a Subinfeudation is usually a form of security in respect of the land. See”Medieval usury and the commercialization of feudal bonds By Shael Herman”.
n this translation, Hamon de Kenewrthy has to pay a Service & Allegiance to Sir William de Baggelegh (Knight) to the sum of 40 shillings for the Moiety of all his own lands & property in Northenden & Kenworthy. The Bond means Hamon was a Feudal Vassal to his Liege Lord & in feudal terms bound to his King, Baron & Knight – Edw 2nd, Baron Massey V1 & Sir William de Baggelegh. Hamon Seals his Bond with the payment described & token rent of a nominal halfpenny for life as Seisin (possession) for Sir William.

1314-1315 About 10% of the Population die through poor health over 2 years as heavy rains in 1314 ruin the harvests. The Scots invade & in 1315, riots break out in Lancaster’s Northern Estates & Adam Banastre sacked Manchester! Prices crash for wool & cattle starve. The English Crown clamour for grain from Gascony! Grain & wine imports from Gascony (English since 1303) saved Paris from succumbing fully to the famine conditions. The conditions in Manchester were not good, but Gascony had rich farmers from the urgent sale of grain & wine. Corruption was rife & it was dangerous to be a Merchant!

1316 Thomas De Mascy of Wythenshaw. Land granted by Thomas to William his son & also neighbour William Baggelegh (One Witness is Roger de Keneworthy. Ormerod)

1316 Hamon de Massey V1 & 3rd wife Joan sign the reversion of the Dunham Estate on their future death to Oliver de Ingham. The Hamon heir has returned to Gascony & died there some time earlier, just before his Fathers Annulment & Marriage to Joan!

1316 (Oct) Henry de Northenden- Grant by Henry (Son of Hamon de Northenden) to Geoffrey the son of William de Baggelegh

1317 (April) Roger de Keneworthy- Grant by Roger (Son of Hamon de Kenworthy) to Geoffrey the son of William de Baggelegh

1332 Mathilda (widow of Henry de Northenden, Son of Hamon de Northenden. Quitclaim to William de Baggelegh.

1339. Hamon de Massey, V1 Baron of Dunham Massey & wife Joan pardoned (in retrospect?) for trespass in assarting without license 6 acres of heath in Kelsall.

1341. Hamon de Massey, V1 Baron of Dunham Massey, died. (15 Edw 3rd. v1. p522.) –

1348 Thomas de Massey:- Land granted in Northenden to son William, witness Robert de Tatton.

1348-1349 & 6 more times until 1400 (About 1.5m or 37% of the Population, mainly land dwellers died)

1353 John de Kenworthey (Son of Roger) Transfer of Estate Witness

1360 Peel Hall built, Manor House for Etchells, Wythenshawe. Dower House for the widow of Robert Tatton who inherited in 1578. Not to be confused with Peel Estates, Lancs.

1370 Robert de Tatton, Grandson of Robert de Tatton of Tatton (1297) acquires Wythenshawe.

1371 Robert de Tatton, Grandson of Robert de Tatton of Tatton (1297) marries Alice Massey, surviving heiress of the Masseys of Wythenshaw & inherits Massey estates.

1377-1399 –Richard 2nd. Bond for Robert de Tatton of Keneworthay, William de Tatton de Keneworthay & William de Keneworthay bound to Thme de Leghde Northenden.

1389 William de Kenworthey (Son of John).(see above spelling, clearly the same person). Mentioned in the Local Taxation rolls.

1391 William de Kenworthey (Son of John) Transfer of Estate Witness

1422-1471 During Henry V1 – James Kenworthay – Witness to Quit Claim for property rights in Northenden.
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